This list was sent to me by my friend, Mike. 

69 Fun Things to do in a boring
algebra class

1) think of 69 fun things to do in a boring math class

2) make out

3) yell out random numbers really loud

4) challenge your teacher with "do we really need this for life?"

5) every time your teacher says "X" yell "YZ!"

6) pass around a note that says "if you don't pass this on u'll blow up"
see wut peepl do

7) paint your nails (its ok 2 miss since its not u'r desk....hint hint)

8) squish your legs together and yell out "I CANT HOLD IT MUCH

9) tell the class about wut your dog did to the carpet

10) hand a tampon to the girl next to you and say "here you go, i know
need one and i just found it in my bag."

11) aren't all algebra classes boring????

12) write a note to the janitor and leave it under your desk

13) ask your teacher if s/he lost his/er virginity yet.

14) ask the class wut oral sex is.

15) say congrats to the girl next to you on her ___ year anniversary of

16) yell "i cant take this anymore!" and storm out of the room.

17) make a list of who has a crush on who and pass it around.

18) say to the person next to you (loud enough 4 the class 2 hear) "come
now is not the time or place to do those kind of obscene things!"

19) pretend the fire alarm went off and get everyone to line up.

20) if your teacher is old, ask him/her to stop the really loud beeping.

21) see if some wants to buy one of your "very realistic looking" fake

22) see how many times you can switch seats without the teacher noticing,

23) write a love letter to the person who sits in your seat in the next

24) make a new suggested seating chart & slip it in your teacher's

25) say eveything you think out loud (you're now officially a Spice

26) pretend you're a sports announcer and (outloud) say something like
reaches for the chalk, he runs to the board, and look at him go! and look
him go! he could go all the way...." not that u sicko!

27) write new words to your school song. if u dont have one, make one up!

28) if the teacher used X's and O's, say "Great! i love football!"

29) make a flip book in your math book.

30) pretend you have a perverted imaginary friend named Herbert (thats 4

31) one word- skitsaphrenic (not sure of spelling).

32) every time someone raises their hand make an animal sound (remeber
"Dumb &

33) tell the teacher how you need 2 work w/ real pizza for the fractions.

34) only answer the teacher in a foreign language.

35) u think of one, i'm tired.

36) pretend your allergic to the person talking.

37) pass a note to any random name that no one has is your class

38) slowly move your desk to the other side of the room.

39) ask your teacher wut she got in ___th (your grade) grade math.

40) sing the macarena out loud

41) "accidentally" push the intercom button and tell the person who
how S/he's going nuts.

42) the new words to the pledge: "i pledge allegence to the flag of the
states of america, and to the republic for which it
stands one nation OH MY GOD, I'M INVISIBLE with liberty and justice for

43) talk like a kindergardener with a lisp & who cant pronounce her/is

44) tell someone that there's a really big spider on her head & get the
class 2 agree.

45) think of Leonardo DiCaprio (sigh)

46) give a list of suggested baby names to the class slut.

47) sleeping is fun

48) get up on your desk and pretend the floor is steaming hot.

49) draw a characture of your teacher and stick it on his/her back.

50) cry and see who notices.

51) if the teacher leaves, get the whole class to walk out and hide in
girls bathrooms (yes, guyz included).

52) ask for your friend's lipgloss and eat it (thats 4 u Chels).

53) when the bell rings jump down on the floor and scream really loud.

54) ask your teacher why S/he writes so messy.

55) start praying & if your teachers asks then its part of your religion
pray when you dont like somthing.

56) claim that you saw the most popular girl in school pick her nose.

56) claim you saw the most popular guy in school at the movies with his

57) look around & picture every1 in the room having sex

58) hum the "Titanic" theme song and see if anyone cries.

59) crack every bone in your body (sound effect and all).

60) act like Jim Carrey (we all get embarassed sometimes)

61) pretend your constipated.

62) yell out "penis" and claim you said "venus"

63) brush your teeth.

64) associate everything u say w/ the person you love (Chels is good @

65) play gameboy, put the colume really loud, and ask if anyone can guess
game u'r playing.

66) Yell "______(person in your class)! Math class isn't masturbating

67) carve your crushes name on your desk.

68) cross out your ex-crushes name on u'r desk (he wuz a looser NEwayz).

69) figure it out genius.