Hi and welcome to Virtual MaD MaN!  This site is just a modified version of my  homepage , only with more animated and 3 dimensional graphics.  If you have slow connections with animations, it is better that you view this page without so much animation by clicking the link above.  Enjoy Virtual MaD MaN!

A majority of these animations were made by me.  If you
want to use them, please ask  permission .

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If you would like me to makes some animations for your page,
just  email me with your ideas.  If you do place an animation made
by me on your page, be sure to link to this page by using
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My friend Brian's Page
My brother's page(stuff(lyrics, links, more))
My Cuz Nicole's Page(N'Sync)
The Cheese Domain(my friend Jim's page)
My Dad's Site(his personal page)
My Friend Dave's Site
My Friend Roland's Site
My Friend's Metal Site

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My Oddballz Stuff
My Sounds
69 Fun Things to do in a Boring Algebra Class
Download Secret of Mana
How to keep a Stupid Person Busy
My Nintendo 64 Codes Page

Welcome to the MIDI-O-Matic!

Pick a song:
  • Prodigy:Breathe
  • Prodigy:No Good
  • Ozzy Osbourne:Crazy Train
  • Ozzy Osbourne:Iron Man
  • Metallica:Through The Never
  • Metallica:Until it Sleeps
  • Black Sabbath:Paranoid

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