Scorpion Army
If you wish to join the Scorpion Army (SA), click the picture above.  To read about it, scroll down.
The SA is kind of a club on the Internet that does Role Playing on messageboards.  Like an army, we try and conquer enemies.  In this Internet society, you can also ask other members about games you play (RPG) to get hints and secrets to playing the game.  To join the SA,  Mirabilis ICQ is required.  Here are the goals of the SA:
 1)   Take over the World(Internet)
                     2)   Destroy all opposing groups!
                     3)   Converse about RPG's and other fun games!
                     4)   Become the largest and most well known society on the Internet!
***Important Note***If you are going to join the SA, please list your recruiter as MaD MaN.***Important Note***
If you have ICQ and wish to add me to your contact list, my UIN is  492073