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Hey everyone.  I finally left ThE MaD DoMaIn FoR ThE InSaNe so i can make these pages for you guys.  My page will always be under construction, so keep coming back.  I will put downloads, links, and other stuff on the pages for you guys.  Enjoy!

 Jnco Industries
 Vans(shoe company)
 Goplay Email Service
Friendz' Pages
 My friend Brian's Page
 My friend Steve's page(downloads and stuff)
 My brother's page(stuff(lyrics, links, more))
 One of my sister's page(Spice Girls page)
 My other sister's page(No Doubt)
 My Cuz Nicole's Page(N'Sync)
 The Cheese Domain(my friend Jim's page)
 My Dad's Site(his personal page)
 My Friend Dave's Site
 My Friend Roland's Site
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My MaD LiBrArY
 My Oddballz Stuff(download eggz)
 My Sounds(wavs)
 My South Park Page(gifs, wavs, movs, games)
 69 Fun Things to do in a Boring Algebra Class(sent by SkataniX)
 My Secret of Mana Page(download)
 How to keep a stupid person busy
 Go to my N64 Codes page
 Join my Wrestling E-Fed!!!
 Adopt one of my N.E.S. Characters
UnDeR CoNsTrUcTiOn 
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Welcome to the MIDI-O-Matic!

Pick a song:
  • Prodigy:Breathe
  • Prodigy:No Good
  • Ozzy Osbourne:Crazy Train
  • Ozzy Osbourne:Iron Man
  • Metallica:Through The Never
  • Metallica:Until it Sleeps
  • Black Sabbath:Paranoid

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